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Pronouncation: (FLAY-voh-cox-id)
Class: Nutritional supplement

Trade Names:
- Capsule 250 mg

Mechanism of Action


Inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by inhibition of cyclo-oxygenase. Also, flavocoxid may act as an antioxidant, reducing reactive oxygen species including hydroxyl radical, superoxide anion radical, and hydrogen peroxide. Flavocoxid reduces pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-1-beta and tumor necrosis factor alpha in vitro.



Ingestion with or 1 hr before or after food may modestly inhibit absorption.


Primarily by glucuronidation and sulfation with little hepatic metabolism involving CYP isoenzymes.

Indications and Usage

Dietary management of osteoarthritis, including associated inflammation.


Standard considerations.

Dosage and Administration


PO 250 mg q 12 hr. Larger doses should only be taken under a physician"s direction.

Drug Interactions

None well documented.

Laboratory Test Interactions

None well documented.

Adverse Reactions


Hypertension (at least 2%).


Psoriasis (at least 2%).


Varicose veins, fluid accumulation in the knee (at least 2%).



Use not recommended.




Safety and efficacy not established.


GI side effects such as bleeding, ulceration, and stomach perforation can occur at any time, with or without symptoms.

Patient Information

  • Explain name, dose, action, and potential side effects of drug.
  • Instruct patient to take exactly as prescribed and not to change the dose or stop taking unless advised by health care provider.
  • Advise patient to take each dose 1 hr before or after a meal.
  • Advise patient that dose is individualized based upon severity of symptoms and response to therapy.
  • Advise patient to continue other arthritis medications as recommended by health care provider.
  • Advise patient that if a dose is missed, take it as soon as possible. If close to the next dose, do not double up; take the next dose as scheduled.
  • Advise patient to notify health care provider if arthritis symptoms do not appear to be getting better or worsen.
  • Instruct patient to discontinue drug and notify health care provider if any of the following occur: persistent GI upset or nausea, skin rash, itching, black stools.
  • Advise women to notify health care provider if pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
  • Instruct patient not to take any prescription or OTC medications, herbal preparations, or dietary supplements unless advised by health care provider.
  • Advise patient that follow-up examinations and lab tests may be required to monitor therapy and to keep appointments.


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