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300FIT meta And Fitness Influencers Participates In Content Creation!

The contactless home-training service 300FIT meta, signed a content creation contract with top-tier Korean fitness influencers.

The 300FIT meta spokesperson announced that “To differentiate with numerous exercise content services and satisfaction of the consumers, have signed with winners of Korean Fitness Competition and influencers, Hanna Jung, Eunji Kim, and Jayeon Kim to provide quality content.”

The contents created from the signing at this time increased the level of all the contents to another level through the direct involvement of the athletes from planning to concept shooting, not just simply acting as models for the contents as previously have been done.

The athlete Hanna Jung stated “When I first received the proposal, I did understand that this isn’t just a simple involvement of content creation, but as I directly participated in all the process from exercise planning to shooting, I realized that this will be more than that. I participated in the process as if I was preparing for muscle mania, which was a turning point in my life.

Moving on, 300FIT meta is planning on signing with influencers from not only within Korea but also international exercise and sports influencers as well.

300FIT meta is composed of contents that are satisfiable for the beginners of daily exercise to fitness professionals and it is programmed in a way that an individual must complete level of exercises in order to compete in the challenge more. Additionally, all the contents are produced from the 300FIT’s very own professional private studio (300FIT meta studio) at Pangyo, South Korea.

With more sophisticated exercise contents and human movement analyzing AI engine, 300FIT meta will provide exercise contents to the entire world through the digital healthcare services, Samsung Mobile, Samsung Smart TV, and YouTube.

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