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Nepotism has now become a vogue; in a rudimentary sense, a part of this society. In brief, it means: “using power or influence to provide inequitable head to one’s family members”. Despite being a democratic country, India has had a tradition of this “Nepotism alike Monarchy” since Independence.

For example Handover of Indian National Congress party’s leadership to Rajiv Gandhi after the melancholic assassination of Indira Gandhi. In U.P., the next candidate position for the Chief Minister was dispensed to Akhilesh Yadav by Mulayam Singh. The plain statistics are certainly alarming. About Two-Third of Lok Sabha’s young MPs have a near relative in Politics. Ironically these are the people who claim to be the flag bearers of Democracy.

As seen in a plethora of domains, an opaque “family” and set associations control constituency party politics from behind the scenes. Another example may include transferring chief minister position by Lalu Prasad Yadav to his wife Rabri Devi when the former was charged with corruption.

Patrick French in his book “India: A Portrait” vehemently states out a fact which is kind of humdrum to Indians but startling in a statistical way. He has given a specific term to the politicians who have a political background: “Hereditary M.P.s”.According to him about sixty-five percent of the Lok sabha members have some kind of political support.

Even in the Judiciary, wherein Nepotism favors are sought and dispensed by a few Judges for gratification from luxuries. To support the cause, no wonder Indian Judiciary is fragmented yet in shackles as many cases stretch on for years just to allow various dubious Lawyers to earn more money. For instance: Justice Rang Nath Pandey who retired on July 4, 2019, had written a letter to the P.M. alleging “Nepotism and Casteism” in the collegium system. He also did not receive a farewell party just for the aforementioned fact. According to him the appointment of advocates and Judges are done in enclosed spaces based on opaqueness and favoritism. And yet it is baldly said: “ Every court is for the right, not for the contempt”.

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