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Sep Operation Report of Chaince

This is our September operation report. From now on, we will post our operation report at the end of every month to report our work progress and the plans for the future, Welcome your valuable comments and suggestions!

Airdrop Work:

35 Airdrops Supported

17 Airdrops Distributed, Deposit & Withdrawal Opening

Coming Snapshot: EOSLITE(Oct 4th,2018 12:00), EOSISH(Oct 16th,2018 15:00)

Listing Work:

PUBLYTO’s token PUB is now exclusively listed on Chaince, the first day trading volume over 50 million.

2 Major Exclusive-listing Projects are under advancing.

Project Observation:

12 potential projects under investigation and assessing

Industry Observation:

EOS Ecology Wallet, EOS Ecology DAPP, EOS Resource Research, Pegged Cryptocurrency Research, Decentralized Exchanges

APP: Android version APP online, Optimization for iOS version

Web: Multiple function optimization upgrades

Five big activities completed successfully.

Total number of participants 100,000+

Sent event tokens 10,000,000+

Activity Month-on-month Growth: 51.25%

New User Registration Growth Rate: 18%

For more details, please view:

Thanks for your always support! We will continue to provide high-quality service for you!

Contact us:

Telegram Group(EN)

Chaince Team

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