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5 Practices that will make anyone successful

There are many millions of posts on the internet about this topic. Then you might be wondering why should i write one more. Simple reason, this is written based on observing many successful people and following them on their writings and their ideas for many years and these have been validated scientifically in many studies.

1. Waking up early and going to bed early.

There is lot of debate on this topic post the advent of social media and it is acrimonious. Everyone has a opinion on this habit. Each of us have their own circadian rhythms based on their conditions, but till the ability to have artificial light became widespread, people were going to bed early. Yes, definitely artificial light made the humans more productive and improved the human condition widely, but it also introduced lot of other issues for not just people but also for birds and animals. If we read about the hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa, they still follow waking up early and going to bed early. So that is the way we evolved for several thousand years and though we started changing in the past two hundred years, but we are yet to modify our evolutionary ways into night owls.

All you have to do is to look around you and check out people whom you consider successful. You will find majority of them are early risers. You can safely say rising early is the way we evolved and that positively has its advantages to us. Dr. Huberman of Stanford talks about exposure to natural light early in the morning, raising from bed when the surrounding start to heat up and going to bed when the temperature is falling are all key factors for having better health — physical and mental.

2. Keeping oneself physically and mentally fit

Now that we have woken up early, do we just sit idle and waste out the time we have in our hands? We should use that time to start engaging in activities that will help us to be fit physically and mentally. With the advent of technology and fast paced life, we have been plagued with variety of diseases both physically and mentally.

We need to keep ourselves fit through physical exercises. Always start physical activities post consulting your doctor. Through mindfulness activities like meditation, journaling etc., one can also keep their minds fit. Allocate an hour of your daily schedule for this. If you can’t, there are creative ways of doing it — like meditating during your commute, walking/cycling to your office etc etc., As long as we create habits that enable any of these activities as part of our life like breathing, we will certainly be able to achieve it.

3. Being a lifelong learner

Anyone who isn’t learning every day is not going to succeed. If someone thinks they have completed their schooling or college and henceforth they don’t need to spend time on learning new things, new skills they are very badly mistaken. Don’t limit learning to reading books or going to classes. Learning can be in any form — from your family, friends, colleagues, your own experience etc., The most crucial part of learning is also implementing the same. There is no meaning in any learning including our own experiences if we are not putting them to practice. With the advent of technology, knowledge is available in many forms — books, audios, free classrooms, videos etc., One needs to take advantage of the same and keep learning. Make learning a key passion and you are definitley bound to see the benefits.

4. Investing money in the right way

One of the best ways to increase our wealth they say is to make it work even when we are sleeping. Again, with the advent of technology this is possible and is available for anyone who wants to exploit it. You can search the internet for ways to do it. Prior to that, start with the basics. Invest your money in instruments that will give you better return than bank deposits. Here again, consult a certified planner and start. Crucial point is start as early as possible and tomorrow never comes.

5. Sharing with others

Now that you have done all the other four habits, are they enough by themselves? Absolutely not.

Knowledge and Wealth that are not shared with others have no meaning. Whatever knowledge you are gaining, share and teach to others. Take advantage of technology that is available — write blog posts, make podcasts or make videos. Identify good social causes and share your wealth. If you are starting your career and haven’t made enough for yourself, that is fine, don’t worry too much, you can still share in the form of your own work by volunteering to the causes close to your heart.

If you pay attention to what you are seeing and reading in the media about people who have been successful legitimately, you will observe that they have successfully inculcated these habits into their daily routines and that has made them even more successful.

Wishing you the best and success in implementing these practices.

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