Sanabria a titolo definitivo al Betis

La Roma comunica di aver ceduto il giocatore Sanabria al Betis, mantenendo il diritto de recompra rispetto allo stesso. Trovate qui le info.


Deflexchange is the first deflationary exchange

What is Deflex Echange?
Deflex Exchange is a Crypto Exchange that has developed instruments to take advantage of the ownership of crypto resources, but they are far from being without their pitfalls. Exchange, as an Integrated retail location, is not as promised, monetary decentralized: they are the sole purpose of disappointment, but this is not the main problem. Another type of transition and new development from the first type of transition. This is certainly a great way to
improve transportation, but we prefer to choose one of the first types because we think this is the way to do in the first place. Therefore, the progress and success of transportation in the future depends on the development of transportation and the industry itself.

Like the initial market, there is no liquidity in the crypto market which makes it difficult for them to come out at the right cost. The development of reuse was supported by a large amount of liquidity, but the expansion of the exchange did not have the desired effect in the end. In the Bitcoin market, for example, this lack of liquidity is exacerbated by the way many BTC holders remain at increased value and are reluctant to return the available Bitcoin.

Those who have crypto and believe that their profits will bring profits in this way flood the market, which is the instability and huge change in value that we see in the crypto market.

So, with your help, you need to set up a primary deflation exchange called Deflex. Contraction exchange. With large deflation exchanges, we will not only support digital currencies, but we will not only be observing more points of interest due to misleading damage alongside networks and customers. Gradually, this tells us about it and in this way, in the form of cryptocurrency, is surprisingly better.

This is an undeniable problem that undermines the decentralization and confidentiality of money in digital form. This form of digital currency is created to stop and change the current financial situation. KYC procedures are required by experts, and exchanges must be regularly requested by customers because of universal law. From one point of view, exchanges can meet specific management needs and participate in other associations, and KYC extends account security, so customers can feel much safer. Again, this expands the impact of experts on exchanges and leaves fewer customers for exchanges that require KYC.

The ambiguity and foundation of Deflex’s decentralization not only guarantees the security of benefits and other information, but also does not affect a single expert. Deflex does not require a minimum KYC from customers, and will exchange cryptocurrency and confidentiality opportunities.

Deflex Coin has an alternative to profit at that stage. When using Deflex Coin for exchange, customers can follow half the costs separately. Another option is Peg Deflex Coin onstage, which is part of the cost. Monthly consumption occurs, which reduces the supply of Deflex Coins and reduces the size of available DEF.

Additional exchanges will be included after a certain period of time and will ask if you need more exchanges and which ones you need more. This Democratic Party emerged from a survey exchange. Deflex also increases ERC20 token exchange and TRC20 token exchange.

We will give you a token called Deflex. Of the most serious DEFs, 91,000,000 were created, but never expanded. DEF runs locally on the Ethereum blockchain using ERC-20. DEF is also a form of cryptocurrency deflation. DEF consumption is also included because DEF supply does not increase, but instead focuses on consumption days.

for our Trade costs feature is very low, Deflex allows you to trade with a maximum trading fee of 0.1%. Additional 50% discount if you use Coins. Deflex’s financial stability is based on a sophisticated multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture, which not only provides greater security for users, but also a secure security platform. There is no KYC Due to decentralization, KYC is not required to use the platform. Lower costs For transactions, we charge a maximum fixed fee, where we credit the remaining amount back to the account.

Suitable machine
Our machine is able to maintain 900,000 orders per second. This value will be at the beginning. Over time we will improve our machines. Deflex Customer Support will provide a 24/7 support team so users always have a link if there is a problem. DEF Value Fees You can use DEF to pay for any fees on our platform, including but not limited to:
1.Transition fees
2.Required fees
3.Registration fees
4.Other fees When you use DEF to pay fees, you will receive fixed discount of 25%.
DEF tokens are permitted to request part of the costs generated by transportation and payment services. With this, Token holders who bet DEF Tokens benefit directly from obtaining support services.
ICO will be conducted in ETH. Unsold tokens will be burned after ICO. ICO Schedule All times below are Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).

Sales Tokens
-Token Symbol: DEF
-Total Token Supply: 91,000,000 DEF
-Total Sold Token Supply: 54,600,000 DEF

-60% — Initial Coin Offer (ICO)
-35% — Company Funds
-5% — Founding Team Use of Funds

-65% of funds will be used for building Deflexchange and infrastructure, which includes recruitment teams, training, legal support, administrative costs and development budgets.
-25% will be used for Deflex branding and marketing,
including promotion and continuing education of Deflex and Blockchain innovations in the media industry.
Adequate budget for various advertising activities, to help Deflex become a popular investor, and to attract active users to the platform
-10% will be kept as a backup for emergencies


Team server
Ron Bennett, CEO at Deflexchange
Daniel Stein, CMM at Deflexchange

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