Sempre vai faltar algo e isso é inevitável, porque vai acontecer a gente querendo ou não. O ideal é deixar as coisas frouxas, deixar elas irem pra onde quiserem, por conta própria mesmo. Porque…


How To Prioritize and Execute On Your Goals

Nick Fedotoff is a sales management executive at Salesforce and currently manages the number 1 team in North America for his segment. Prior to sales management, Nick was a consistent top performer as an Account Executive at Salesforce and also spent time at Morgan Stanley.

In this episode Nick dives deep into his philosophy for goal setting. He breaks down how you can map the three main buckets (professional, financial and personal) of goals and how to execute against each of them. Nick also shares his thoughts on how to get ramped quickly in a new role and how to prioritize behaviors each day for maximum output.

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