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The Top 10 Trending Stories This Morning

It’s April 8th and here’s what you need to know to start your day.

Start your morning by understanding what stories matter online right now. Below are the top 10 trending news items this morning ranked according to BuzzSumo’s trending score system.

1. Exclusive: UK Government concedes it cannot substantiate assertion that majority crossing Channel are economic migrants


2. Lawsuit filed after reports alleged Tesla employees privately shared videos and images recorded by vehicle cameras.

3. “Jersey Shore” stars Ronnie and Sammi were in one of reality TV’s most toxic relationships, one that forced her away from the cast for years … and now the two are shockingly back under the same roof.

4. Chinese search engine giant Baidu , has filed lawsuits against “relevant” app developers and Apple Inc over fake copies of its Ernie bot app available on Apple’s app store.

5. In a further attempt to rein in increasing numbers of women defying the compulsory dress code, Iranian authorities are installing cameras in public places and thoroughfares to identify and penalise unveiled women, the police announced on Saturday.

6. Concerns over impact on patient safety of four days of strikes next week by junior doctors in England

7. Three-times Wimbledon champion describes eight months in jail as ‘very, very different experience to what you see in the movies’

8. The singer was in a Covid bubble with her painter father and young daughter, but then everything changed. She discusses why she’s no longer willing to pull her punches, and explains her decision to pull out of a tour with Arcade Fire

9. The U.S. Navy has dispatched a guided-missile submarine capable of carrying up to 154 Tomahawk missiles to the Middle East. The deployment appears to be a show of force toward Iran following recent tensions. The Navy rarely acknowledges the location or deployment of submarines. A spokesman for the 5th Fleet based in the Gulf nation of Bahrain declined to comment on the submarine’s mission or what had prompted the deployment. He said Saturday that the nuclear-powered submarine, based out of Kings Bay, Georgia, would help “ensure regional maritime security and stability.”

10. Property owned by daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg has been kept as it was when singer died 30 years ago

April 8th, 1820 — The Venus de Milo is discovered on the Aegean island of Milos.

Until tomorrow — be kind, help others, and stay curious.

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