Like We Used To Do

gemerlap malam yang kali ini purnamanya tampak begitu bulat sempurna membuat samudera januar akhirnya memutuskan untuk pergi ke rumah sebelah, tidak ada alasan khusus, itu hanya rutinitasnya saja…


Dont Let People Control You.

Whether like it or not we are used to be influenced by others everyday, everywhere, even in our circle, and it can be hard to stop being influenced. Our thoughts, and our actions are sometimes led by others. From that statement we know, we are likely to be influenced all of our lives. So here is a few things that make you avoid this situation, based on my experiences.

For the first, Stop debating uselessly.

I do not like a person who forcing me to have a conversation about something useless, which it exactly waste the time, and it may trigger divisions.

Second, Avoid a person who have a bad propose.

It is actually hard to avoid this, because they exist around us, even it can be a very close person. One time we get seduced, so continuously we will be confined like a stupid goat.

And the last but not least, A person who forcing us to follow or reject the trend.

We are to be influenced by others, it is true. For example the flow of music, appearance is all influenced by trends. If you do not follow it, it can be considered ignorant, antiquated, and even worse, anti social because truly does not want to blend in with the name of “trend”.

In conclusion, Do not let you be fooled easily, if you do not do anything, everyone will do that to you. Do not act in the name of good over stupidity. If you really want to do good, then look for ways that do not fool yourself.

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