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5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Mobile Application

Fact for the Day: The Global mobile application downloads will exceed 284 billion by 2020.

Yes, you read that right!

With a million mobile app in the Apple Store and Google Play store today, people work on numerous applications in their daily routine. Be it waking up with an alarm and check their tasks for a day to book a cab to work or when in need of groceries to order from an app.

Read on to learn 5 critical reasons to invest in mobile app development to accelerate your business growth.

1. Gain Customer Loyalty

Every business requires building and retaining a loyal customer who engages with them in continued profitable business. With a mobile application connection, you can reveal to your customers that you recognize their requirements and you consider them.

With the Business mobile app, you can offer customer premium and loyalty plans like free vouchers, gift cards, free membership upgrade and more. This will not only assist you to increase customer satisfaction but also boosting sales.

2. Maximize Sales and Profits

According to the Teradata Marketing Applications, out of the top 50 US online retailers, 94% have apps, from the biggest 50 UK online retailers, 96% have at least one mobile app and while in Germany only 70% and in France, only 62% have mobile apps.

Mobile app activities have progressed in current years due to consumer decision and the versatility it offers. Once the users are convinced with an app performing expectations exceeding their imagination, they will spend without any hesitation. Customers are more concentrated on user experience and the apps that are more user experience centered; manage to have more sales and engagement.

3. Enhance your Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is critical for any product or service sales. Every business needs to make sure that they can engage with their customers easily with the product or service it is offering. The customers can reach the business again with their inquiries, demos or queries.

Using a real-time chat with the chatbots, help desk or geo-targeted advertisement characteristics in your mobile app can make sure this follows. This type of communication also excludes the need for unwanted phone call or meetings.

4. Mobile is the Future

The fact that the largest of the browsing and shopping is completed through mobile symbolizes that the whole worlds have gone mobile.

According to Internet Retailer, 500 companies that chose a mobile-centric strategy when marketing to customers revealed an 80% increase in sales. 42% of all mobile sales by these chief 500 retailers came from apps.

Whether people are searching for a branded apparel store to buy clothes or scanning for the latest gaming laptop, users are working on their mobile devices to shop, surf and entertain. In fact, consumers are inclined to mobile apps rather than using a desktop for any of the above-said tasks. Everyone desires an easy approach to access your website through one click and mobile app is an excellent solution.

5. High-grade ROI

If you want to market a product through your mobile application, then you have to have a system to take payments through the app from your customers. There are several choices accessible for mobile app payments, which include wallets, in-app purchase, PayPal, CC & DC payments, etc. They are agile and reliable payment options guaranteeing that customer payment information is safe.

Mobile applications enable you to unite digital content and social sharing to improve your ROI. You can also implement product recommendations and testimonials to your customers to assist them to choose whether to buy your product or not.

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