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A mystery solved

My name is A. J. Gallant, a fantasy and mystery author. The other morning I came downstairs to discover blood splotches on the floor. I immediately thought that one of my cats (we have two) had been injured. I started to follow the trail, but then had an idea. I’ll find the cats and see which one is bleeding.

So I find Moon Diamond under my bed and he’s fine. The mystery is down to one cat. I see Sun-Jade on top of the bunk bed and she looks okay. I check her out and she not bleeding.

More blood is discovered in the hall leading to the bathroom. I’m still thinking that it might be one of the cats. However, they don’t usually go in the washroom.

My spider sense was tingling, or maybe just my foot. I look down and see that blood is dripping from my sock. I did hit my foot that morning. Mystery solved. And I guess for a while I was following myself around.

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