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The Advantages of Provisioning Multiple Cloud Accounts for your Organization

As the head of a startup or a small business, it’s especially important to reduce your overhead costs and adhere to a strict budget to maintain your company’s future runway. However, being too frugal can have disastrous effects which will cost you more than the amount you had planned on saving initially.
Having multiple employees using a single account to save money is not an uncommon practice, but it is generally frowned upon as it compromises the standard of privacy your clients expect from managing their data. Instead, view the cost associated with providing multiple accounts as an investment that provides a solid form of insurance when things inevitably go wrong otherwise, whether it is by a malicious actor or inadvertently grave mistake.
Multiple accounts provide more autonomy to employees as they have the confidence in better managing your company’s data. Instead of having your data exposed to everyone and giving them the benefit of the doubt, it would be easier to sleep at night knowing that only those with sufficient privileges can access the files they’ve been assigned to work with. There are services with realistic pricing plans that enable members of your organization to securely collaborate and help automate parts of the laborious manual processes required to stay on top of things.

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