In Valdichiana un polo per la ricerca sui prodotti tipici

Riuniti docenti di sei università per gettare le basi sulla creazione di un polo, inter-universitario, di ricerca sui prodotti tipici del nostro territorio Valdichiana — A Montepulciano si sono…


You Do Not Have To Speak Up At All Times

This year is going to end in three months, but unpredictable things continue to come up. The novel coronavirus sure enough has changed our lives and led to further effects that have exacerbated multidimensional aspects. A host of the biggest corporate names are in danger, a wave of layoffs amid the pandemic, the world’s top priority shifted into the search for the coronavirus vaccine. These are just to name a few I could mention.

As if that were not enough, the most recent by far is Omnibus Law. If you are Indonesian, scrolling up and down the timeline of social media in the last 24 hours, I can be certain to tell what you have found — it is all about the Omnibus Law. The new law brings controversy with subsequent risk — the protesters that took to the streets and ended up torched the public facilities as they clashed with police — marking as disappointment against the law while those who did not take part in the streets would speak their opinion on social media.

They who avoid political conversations may already have their own struggle, and the coronavirus has just added another battle to face in this unprecedented situation. Perhaps it is even indispensable not to expect yourself to always possess a particular opinion towards current political issues. Just pay attention to the essentials for you. It is absolutely fine to clean up the timeline of your social media by mute or even unfriend someone — a friend that turning any conversation into a political argument, incompetent government actors, racist friends, a work conflict or those friends who using the relationship with you only to make money by continually offering and put you in pressure to buy what they’re selling — know that they have right to share what they want but you have a right as well to filter what you want to see on social media.

I personally have mute friends or others that regularly post something that I do not want to see, and maintain my timeline of social media as fun as possible. Thank you to National Geographic, 9gag,,, or other funny and educational accounts that assist me to stay clear-headed in passing through the storm of anxiety-inducing news, burnout, and unexpected days.

It might be the most advice that you have read very often, but you do not have to feel like getting all the things done at once, speak out at all times about the current political issue, or be more productive than usual. Just go put your feet up because the only things to do is just to keep alive in these trying times.

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