Sobre felicidade em tempos de pandemia

83 dias em casa. Sextas à noite sem cinema com o namorado, sábados sem festas com os amigos, domingos sem almoços em família. Segundas, terças, quartas e quintas sem trânsito, sem conversas na…



lets start with the fact that I am severely over weight and need to lose a lot more than a few kg’s. today i start my journey and nothing can every stop me on being the person i want to be.

i have been trying to lose weight for the longest time and i either get demotivated or just mess up one day and never go back but the end result is me not losing weight and feeling sorry for myself.

i want to lose 30 kgs and after watching a lot of motivational speeches, i will do today, not tomorrow but today cause every second counts. WISH ME LUCK.

If anyone wants to join me go ahead, it doesn’t hurt to be healthy. you do not need a gym of a nutritionist, go on the internet and find what exercise could work for you.

i will be updating every day

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