Some nights I work all through and have little or no time to sleep, well for one I have so many persons counting on me and I just cannot afford to fail and then I have very limited time to get things…


Phone Calling AI Bot

Chatbots are Crazy these days. It's like everyone is talking about it and very few people out there, who actually knows how to build one.

About me: I believe in Innovation in the field of Computer science. I work on IoT, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, DevOps, Frontend, Backend and AR/VR. I love to innovate and received tons of success. I am solving real world problem. So far i have developed patented solution for different companies. While i Code or Creating solution, i never look for shortcut, there is nothing call best. I analyze the customer problem and try to solve it simpler way. These days my focus is more toward AI and Big Data Analytics.

Couple of months backs, i was travelling to my hometown. I remember, it was friday. I was in my mid-way to reach my home. Suddenly i got a call from my manager, he was asking me to fix a urgent DevOps Infrastructure issue. That time, i was working on DevOps. I open My laptop, Logged-In and Started debugging the issue (2 AM i remember). After 15 minutes of debugging i found logs related to Mysql Down. In that 15 minutes i struggled for internet for starting 5 minutes. Just re-started the mysql and everything UP. I have checked, i have received around 100 emails from different monitoring tools.

After few days, i have started thinking on few aspect. How i can improve my work culture and innovate something. I was thinking about.

I have started thinking about Chatbot. A Special Chatbot build for our infrastructure which can notify me - faster and allow me to solve a problem. Which i can access on my phone. Even solution should work without Internet.

A build a Chatbot which can Call any Phone number and speakout messages like a human being. This solves a problem of — no internet. Then i have done my research on Machine Learning and Deep learning which can parse log messages and decide the intent/reason of the log message. Developed a chatbot which can understand engine text message, parse it and derive the intent of the message.

The entire session will be divided into 3 parts


We will cover different concept involved to build one chatbot. Starting with Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Understanding. Python library


Different Technology concept behind Rasa Core, NLP and NLU. How Python can be used


Demo of Phone calling AI bot and how i did the solution. How Phone calling AI bot can solve problem related to DevOps and Infrastructure.

Let’s join me on December 9th at mayfair lagoon. Register your-self under Futuristic Technologies.

See you there !!!

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