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2ND Chances

America loves a comeback story, and mine is one of perseverance. My initial entry into Flatirons Software Engineering accelerated program was one of PURE angst and 2nd guessing myself. I couldn’t grasp the information that was coming fast like Al Capone shooting a tommy gun in the 1920s lol. My 2nd time through the first phase suddenly things clicked for me i understand concepts now and all the struggles ive had during the first cohort i no longer have, like how to read error messages, how to properly write a function declaration is, what a callback is, what a variable is, what a GET request is, and scope.

A function is an object that contains a sequence of JavaScript statements. It allows you to store a piece of code that does a single task inside a defined block, and then call that code whenever you need it using a single short command. To actually use a function after it has been defined, you’ve got to run — or invoke — it. This is done by including the name of the function in the code somewhere, followed by parentheses.

A Callback is when we pass a function into another function wherein it might be invoked, the passed function is a call back. The term derives from the fact that the function isn’t invoked immediately — instead it’s called back, or invoked at a later point. Callback functions are commonly used to respond to user actions; we may define a callback to execute the appropriate code when the user clicks an element on the page.

A Variable is is a container in which we can store values for later retrieval. Imagine a box that can hold any type of data: a number, a string, etc. We take some data that we want to store, place it inside the box, and hand the box off to the JavaScript engine, which stores it in memory. a Variable is like a label for that box.

A GET request in JavaScript is in simple terms, is a way for you to grab data from a data source with the help of the internet. The fetch() method uses GET by default if no HTTP method is passed. To send additional HTTP headers to the server with your JavaScript GET request, pass them with “headers” parameters.

Im hoping to put it all together so i can continue down this path of getting into tech.

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