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Diving with Motion sickness

Me diving with a ball of Barracuda above, Sipadan. Photo credits: my dive buddy!

Scuba Diving has always been a secret adventure of mine. But not in the traditional sense of “secret”. This secret instead refers to the love hate relationship with my diving activity that always induces motion sickness in me.

Speaking from personal experience and starting with…

Type 1. I think a great example of this would be reading in the car, or basically performing some in-vehicle activity but focusing on something in the vehicle. A bad driver frequent start and braking action certainly does no help.

Type 2. Video games fall into this category. Or large IMAX screens at the theater. Oh and those new 3D goggles and VR sets.

Type 3. Seems to be where gravity is simulated like a centrifugal force, and the sense of motion in our balance system does not match the motion that is seen. Tight twisting roller-coasters (Star galactica at Universal Studios SG anyone? Nearly died from nausea rather than fear taking that one…)

Ahh, its not too clear, but I believe diving may be caused by some overlap between type 1 and 2.

When near the surface of the water for example, there are water tides and currents, which you feel but don’t have good visual reference to. Akin to sea-sickness. This tends to be the worst part of diving for me.

Then when diving deeper down, it seems to become more of type 2, where I can see myself moving with the seabed as the visual reference point, but I do not really feel myself moving, probably because of the shielding by the diving suit and eye mask. Also, water does not seem to be that good a motion feedback while diving.

Thinking back, perhaps that was why one particular dive at Sipadan felt so nice. That dive where there was no seabed nor side wall nor…

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