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The Best Breast Cancer Apps 2019 Has to Offer


Apps have a way of bringing people together and informing the masses. When it comes to breast cancer, the right apps can be life saving. Along with seeing a doctor, these apps can offer answers to your questions, help you catch breast cancer early on, and give you a supportive community that understands what you’re going through.

1. Check Yourself!

Designed by the Keep a Breast Foundation, the app is used to accomplish exactly what the name foretells. “Check yourself!” helps you develop a routine for performing self-check breast exams. You can set a date and get automatic monthly reminders. The app teaches you how and what to look for, and gives you tips on reducing your risk for breast cancer.

2. Breast Cancer Healthline

Whether newly diagnosed, in remission or going through treatments, no matter the stage, this app gives you a supportive community to turn to. Created by Healthline, the app is meant to remind you you’re not alone. Breast Cancer Healthline features one-on-one chats and group discussions. You can ask questions, get updated medical information, and find camaraderie.

3. CareZone

This app helps you stay on top of your medications. It keeps you organized by giving you a platform to list all your medications, dosages and schedules. You can safely share access to your medication information with others, and receive reminders when it’s time to take your medication and refill your prescriptions. The app also has a place to store important contact information and a place to write vital medical notes.

4. My Cancer Coach

5. Cancer Therapy Advisor

This app was designed for the use of oncology professionals. Cancer Therapy Advisor gives Oncologists a heads up on all the latest cancer related news, treatments and trends. The app is comprised of detailed case studies and drug information on all different types of cancer. The comprehensive app allows doctors to give their patients the best possible care by keeping them up to date.

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