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Three Emails You Can Send To Attract New Clients

As an introvert who has basically shunned all networking opportunities that involve throwing business cards at each other like throwing stars, I’ve made it clear that I’m a big proponent of the email pitch.

Writing is the medium that lets an introvert like me express themselves without sweating, and it’s something I can do from my couch. Win.

But… you may be a bit stuck on what to email.

You might not have any specific clients or journalists in mind, let alone knew what to say when you reach out.

So that’s what I’m going to help you with.

When you dive straight in with the ask like BUY MY THING! or HIRE ME! then you’re likely to scare someone away especially if they don’t know you.

But when you start with a warm up, you move from stranger to… nice person who sent a thoughtful email.

I get the sweetest emails from podcast listeners or people who get my weekly Museletter — and they make me so so happy.

This puts me in such a good mood, I’m naturally more inclined to help these folk out: my ego has been well massaged and lets face it, I’ll return the favour is l sense their message has come from the heart.

I’ve done this too, especially since I know it works. If someone has helped me: whether it’s through a free piece of content they’ve put out or a book I’ve read: if I’ve found it helpful in any way, I’ll let them know.

Note: I don’t always expect something in return, even a reply. But even if you have nothing to ask or offer now, just starting that relationship and making yourself known will be like insurance for any future ideas.

This is particularly useful when pitching to write a guest post on someone else’s blog, or be interviewed on a podcast.

One of the most impressive emails I’ve ever received was from someone who basically criticised my website.

Oh that sounds harsh — and of course, not everyone takes ‘constructive feedback’ on the chin either, so you can expect to get some folk who won’t appreciate this.

But, the way this was worded and the effort she went into. She actually made a video of her going through my site and making suggestions. I found this SO helpful. She knew her stuff and — even though I’m a qualified designer — I could take these tips on board.

This was of course the lead up to a pitch of her services, but she didn’t push hard on these either.

As a result, she’s at the top of my list, should I decide I need a site overhaul and can’t find the time to do it myself.

You don’t have to go as far as making a video- but oh boy did this do the job for me.

Note that you don’t have to get on camera yourself, but just using a screen recording software will do the job.

I recommend Screenflow if you use a Mac — even the free version is great.

This technically isn’t a warm up email to a stranger like the others, but it’s perfect for getting in touch with old clients or customers who you haven’t spoken to since god knows when.

So what do you say to someone who you’ve been out of touch with?

For me, you act like an old friend. Show an interest in what they’re up to, make some joke about how long it’s been, basically, be nice.

Then you can give them a little update on your biz: tell them if you’ve changed your offering. If you’ve added any packages (which by the way if you are offering any services. I really recommend turning these into packages — i.e. bundling up your services into a practical, useful thing a client would love).

You could say you can offer a special price because they’re old friends or whatever, but really just treat this as a catch ap. If they’re interested, then they’ll reply, probably asking if you’re free for any work.

So there you have it, three quick ideas for emails you can send to warm up just about anyone.

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