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How secure is your info on the web?

Technology is everywhere nowadays and you don’t really see anyone walking around without a phone in their hand. Everyone trusts their phone with information that can be very personal. Privacy is a big thing with technology these days because big tech companies have had data leaks and some peoples information was put all over the internet. Is your info secure?

Companies like Facebook and Twitter collect information about you to create you a profile on their platform. Can I also mention how many people use the platforms daily? Facebook alone has about 1.9 billion users that post content and personal information on the platform per day. Twitter falls behind with 199 million monetized content creators and other people posting on Twitter. These companies have privacy policies in place to keep all of your information secure and hard to get to, except by you. Only you have access to this information using a username and password.

One form of security that we have today is usernames and passwords. You never want to share either of these on any website or with any individual. It’s a scary fact, but about 72% of people reuse the same password on other social media platforms and that could be very dangerous if someone got ahold of that. There are a lot of other types of TFA, or Two Factor Authentication, which helps against stolen passwords. TFA is a system that gets into contact and verifies that you are you. Some can text you a passcode, call you, or send you an email. It definitely helps out with privacy because you get an instant notification that someone is trying to enter your account and you can take action or sign into your account.

Factors that also play into technology privacy is the device you use. The most common cell phones out there today are Apple and Samsung. Both companies have software and banks to keep information secure and safe for you to use everyday. The devices are very important when it comes to privacy and technology. Cell phones today send and receive data every second of the day and its important to know what your phone is doing in the background. Cell phones are always looking for notifications, new updates, anything it can be ready for when it happens. Most cell phone companies have software built-in to keep information safe from others around you. Entering passwords can be scary because what if someone sees? Don’t worry, in addition to privacy, entered passwords turn into stars on-screen while typing so those wandering eyes don’t catch your password.

Cell phones are great at protecting information around you because of a software firewall. A firewall acts as a door to information. Anything you put a password into uses a firewall and the password you use opens that firewall. Every cell phone has its own encrypted firewall that is only accessible to you. Tech giants like Samsung and Apple claim to have integrated systems to keep info secure. Samsung partners with a company named Knox; a good company for security on the internet and it uses cloud based storage to keep info secure. Samsung integrated Knox into their phone to have instant connection and access to your information and apps that you use everyday.

Apple on the other hand, is very big on security and privacy for their customers. Apple has security features built in throughout the entire phone to keep your information secure. Apple products communicate with each other to find out who you are and what you are trying to access without passwords and TFA’s. Just having an Apple Watch on your wrist can open or unlock a ton of stuff for you to use on other different devices. For someone to access your information on an iPhone, it uses your location, TFA codes, Face-ID, and nearby devices to make sure it is you that is logging in. Once you login on an iPhone, that information is ready to use. There are security measures to keep more personal info secure by having the owner input the phones password to view other saved passwords or change Apple-ID information if needed.

In conclusion, before you just chose what device to use, make sure you know what you are getting into on the internet and make sure that your information is secure. The technology today have flaws in every single one of them and its up to you to decide what you do with your info and how you secure it. The world is a big place and the internet makes privacy and security even bigger.

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