Mais uma vez

Eu a observo enquanto vai embora, mais uma vez. Deixava rastros de fumaça do cigarro que fumava. Deixava também rastros do seu perfume de flor de cerejeira que me causava fortes dores de cabeça…


How to Use a Bong

A staple in stoner culture, the bong is a fantastic smoking tool that is beloved by many hard-core stoners and ‘one-hit wonders’ alike. The simple definition of a bong is a water pipe that has a water chamber that cools the smoke and makes it smoother and better tasting. The coughing and burned lips associated with hot smoke from pipes is virtually gone when using a bong. This makes them perfect for those with sensitive lungs or those that just don’t like the taste when smoking from a pipe.

Because bongs are bigger and have a few more working parts than other cannabis smoking devices, they can be daunting to some. They shouldn’t scare you, though. Bongs can be pretty easy to use and will make your smoking experience much more enjoyable. We’re going to cover the basic parts of a bong and how to use one properly.

Parts of the Bong

There are 5 parts of the bong:

1. Water chamber

The water chamber is a section of the bong that, well, holds the water. It’s normally located at the bottom of the bong and has the bottom half of the stem in it.

2. Stem

The stem is a long, narrow piece of glass that holds the bowl and is dipped in the water. The smoke travels down the stem from the bowl and into the water. This is how the smoke gets cooled.

3. Bowl or Slide

The bowl, sometimes called a slide, is the round, bowl-shaped piece that holds the cannabis. It sits on top of the stem and is usually removable making it act like the carb on a pipe.

4. Tube

The tube is the part of the bong that attaches the mouthpiece to the water chamber and is where the cooled smoke travels through to get to the mouthpiece.

5. Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is the area you place your mouth and inhale the smoke.

Now that we know that parts of the bongs, let’s talk about how to use one of these things!

Using a Bong

Here are the 4 simple steps you need to follow in order to use a bong properly:

2. Put the bong in a comfortable position so you can light it and place your mouth over or on the mouthpiece.

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