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Secret Life Of A Flight Attendant

A behind the scenes look at what really happens at 35,000 feet.

My days of working as an international flight attendant are long behind me now, however I often reflect on that enigmatic lifestyle I once lived.

As a naïve 20-something year old woman, I had no idea what was instore for me as I moved across the globe to live in the Middle East. As I packed my bags and bid my family goodbye, the excitement grew as I stepped on the very plane I would soon be working on.

The flight attendants were so glamorous, with their perfectly groomed hair and bright red lipstick. Little did I know that this job would open up a whole new life to me, including the good, the bad and the very ugly.

Below I will answer my most asked questions about being a flight attendant.

Well I certainly spent time buying Gucci at the duty free, however the rest of the job can be pretty disgusting.

On one particular night flight, I walk to the rear of the aircraft to use the toilets to touch up my lipstick. As I flung the door open into the minuscule cubicle, there sitting on the toilet was a very old man eating his dinner!

The economy meal that evening was a curry with rice, which was strewn all over the cubicle from head to toe. Sure, we had some minor turbulence earlier but I’m not sure how the rice got on the ceiling. He didn’t seem deterred as I flapped around yelling words like ‘germs’, ‘microorganisms’, ‘bacteria’ and ‘there’s a lock on the door’.

He smiled, nodded his head and walked out, leaving his rice den for me to clean. The next 30 minutes I spent scraping curry off the toilet walls was less than glamorous.

This is probably the question I get asked the most.

Imagine this: It’s a morning flight to New York and I’m showing passengers to their seats. They’re all feeling happy and looking freshly showered. I noticed a man sit down in seat 41A. He looked like one of those typical business men, cheap tie and even cheaper cologne. The smell was nauseating.

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