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What is the name of the power that controls our Karma ?

Questions such as why we are here and why is it that we are experiencing a particular situation in life kept hammering my mind all the while, until I found a much satisfying answer to it that ‘It is the result of our previous karmas.’ Merit karmas yield positive results like: success, satisfying relationships, or things that brings comfort in life. On the other side, demerit karmas yield negative results like: failures, negativity or worldly obstacles faced in life.

I believed that my actions bound karmas. For example: charity, feeding the poor, donations, etc. would bind merit karmas. However, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan further clarified that it is our intent, whether good or bad, that binds karma. For example, if I donate money to the poor without any inner intent to help them, or with a malign intention of some kind in my mind, I would bind demerit karma instead of merit karma.


The next question that immediately struck within was that who controls our karma. Through our intentions, we bind karma. But who is it that gives the result of these karmas? And how? What is the actual mechanism behind it? Is God or some Supreme power behind all of this?

There is no need for a middleman. When the time is up for maturation of karma, it automatically comes into effect. Just like these mangoes ripen automatically. Nobody makes the rules; otherwise there would be a creator. This is governed by the laws of science. This world is run only by SCIENTIFIC CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCES. The whole world is run by this energy. These words are not easy to understand unless you think about them very closely.”

Pujya Deepakbhai Desai makes us understand this concept through a simple example of making tea. To make just one cup of tea, we need so many things eg. sugar, tea flakes, gas or stove, vessel, water, cup, saucer, milk, time, space, also our own mind, body and the spare parts within our body need to be alright, without which making the cup of tea would not be possible.

Now, when all these things come together, the task of making the tea gets accomplished. Dada terms these as scientific circumstantial evidences. Any one of them being absent, tea would not be made. The process of the circumstances coming together is scientific. It is governed by Nature! And it is dependent on our karma (merit or demerit).

This is science! Nobody is Creator and nobody is the doer, neither God nor we nor any other individual. From beginning to end, if you see, only the SCIENTIFIC CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCES are the doer. It happens naturally through the law of Nature!

It implies whatever karmas we have charged (bound) in past life, due to these charged karma, scientific circumstantial evidences occur. Just like the magnet automatically attracts the iron particles, similarly the charged atoms of karma automatically attract the required evidences. And evidences when fulfilled, you automatically get the effect of your karmas. Eg. if my inner intent in the past life (you created karma) has been to serve the mankind selflessly all my life, then in this life, all the required circumstances come together, as a result of which I end up serving others throughout my life (you got the result of karma).


Dadashri says, “Claiming doership of any action, binds karma. To support the action with the belief ‘I am the doer’ is called binding the karma. You do not have to become the ‘doer’ of karma. The intent of non-doership (Akarta bhaav) must occur. If you know that you are not the doer and you are aware of who the true doer is, then the action will not have any support and the karma will be shed.”


Based on your inner intent, the karma is bound. And based on your charged karma, the scientific circumstantial evidences will render its fruits.

After understanding this principle, we will always maintain a pure inner intent to not hurt anyone no matter what the circumstance may be, so that we do not bind further demerit karma that bring bad sufferings in life. For this, everyday morning, make it a practice to pray to God that, “Oh God, May I never cause hurt to anyone through my thoughts, words or actions.”

Also, we will ensure that the intent of non-doership gets established within so that we do not bind any new karma, be it merit or demerit, and thus get onto the path of liberation from all kinds of sufferings. For this, let’s look forward to meet Gnani and with His grace, attain Self-Realization!

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