What is art? It might be words

Ready for a wake up? // a poem. “What is art? It might be words” is published by Nicole Rothenay in Med Daily.



Was made popular by Donald Trump. He cannot blame the Jew Haters and say that one side is good, the other.. uh… not so good?

This is the Trump Dance. I am going to have him pegged. I am so happy that I am allowed to use his name again. I started getting OCD about the way it is not Trump’s fault that morons behind him were chopping like at the Washington Redskins and they are the DC type people, not all the way across the other side of this Earth. If there is a Jew there, they are not raising their hands or putting on one of those skull caps, I think they call them Yarmulkeeeys.

Why to they always have to wear those little beanies? Are they evil?

Even though they are 2 distinct questions, I will bull shit a bit until I can get angry about Donald Trump for a few minutes.

See how that happens. I get a great idea. Then I think, Ok, so for the first 2 years of Trump, I had no Representation. But, and remember, I have the But in a tentative position. I am letting you know as the unpaid free guy that you happened upon and then.. I know how it spreads. Like Lice. You cannot make money by moking other people. You need to have been born at my time as it is the exact month and year of John John, as I lovingly call him. Not that we have anything in common. He was the most believed man in the World. We went to the moon when I was 9. Because Mom and I have not chit chatted, I must have been on 13th Street on Her Birthday in July of 1969. See, this is what pisses me off. It is like it never happened. We moved to New Jersey and Suddenly I have to speak Spanish to live on my street properly. At least the Brazilians who speak Portuguese and it is the hardest making Spanish look like a baby’s toy. Like Popular Music and Classical. Genesis with Peter and with Phil. 2 Different Bands entirely and because of Claire Christianson, I liked them in 1976 after Peter had long been gone, but she brought me back to the late 60’s and early 70’s. I hate to say Lil Sis can back me up as she I think may have been her friend. I just don’t remember everything, just the photo of the time. I then pick it apart in the time that I have no thing to do.

I have been trying out: no thing instead of nothing. To me, they should mean the same thing. I think I want a Referee on this here one. If I become a real Life Hank Higgins as I could never have Henry in anything Gross. Sorry, no more dave gross. I lost my email address I had since 00. Since the year my Dad died, I had the email address until now and Eric confirmed. Dave has left the building. Someone, we won’t say who, will not allow me to have full access to the Internet as there are some sites my Mother may see. I respect her and have told her many times:

I will never be able to pay back what she has done for me in this lifetime, no matter what I were to do as she is the Notorious ERG and I hope all see, total love on this end for Elaine Rita. I do that for Jay as I noted he called her Elaine Rita after they met in Cinn. City all those years after Dad is gone. She is proof two, that you can mix biz and pleasure. You may not be able to make money. Jay, you may note: I do not blame Trump at all. He was totally at the right place at the right time. Props. in that department. I am talking Jay Fucking Kushner.. sorry Jared. I really made that mistake. I am now gonna have to write me being

Richard Nixon. I only have done him since I was 7. So, I know how to impersonate him slightly. When you understand: Alan was secretly feeding me routines by teaching me Presidents. See how Alan William Did that?

That is no Mister Saturday Night.

Alan William shall forever more be: Mister Sunday!

I have not given an exclaimation point in some time. I had to go looking for it which took an extra second. I am going to go to the top and be sure I finish with something.

Blame is not a word for any human over 30. I have the male chivilry thing and I know I could spell it right if I wanted to. Sometimes, the red underline makes you feel manly. Fuck you, I type the way mirror Image typist would do. It took 2 years for me to type this into my phone with my 3 thumbs. Hey, maybe that is why I am so fast at that there.

Blame means someone else is responsible for you. I demand you be a child or animal. Women were in this Column as giving Alan William his Due in a Juris sense. He would keel over dead at the money co mingiling stuff and I don’t wanna spell it. I am just so glad that My Mom is Alive instead of him because this is Adolf J. Hitler. I am walking out my door and Chuck and I, we no look back if Adolf wins again. No 2 time. Joe Biden. He say: 1 time shame on me,… NO one time shame on you, second time shame on me.

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