Why Do The Canadian Curling Teams Hate Me?

When family gatherings went on pandemic hiatus a couple years ago, our monthly game days were a casualty. To keep alive a bit of the familial bonhomie (French for trash talking), I created the SPREE…



A HEART CRY. CHRISTIAN DEVOTION NEWSLETTER. Published by Ese Metitiri. a.k.a. Edith Philip. Feb/27/2022. Ottawa, ON, Canada.

PROVERBS 4:23 keep thy heart with all deligence, for out of it are the issues of life. (KJV)

Watch over your heart, with all deligence, for from it flow the springs of life (Amplified Bible)

In times of great unrest hiding God’s word in our hearts has many benefits. It gives wisdom in times of trouble. God’s word in our hearts will tell you what to do, when to do it and how to do, also in the perfect time of urgency.

The Holy Spirit, raises up within us as living temples of the Lord, to release a prophetic word that defeats the giants of any battle we find ourselves in. In times of ciaos, God”s word hidden in our hearts, begins to speak, it becomes the Lord Jesus himself, appearing as the fourth man in any fire of life we find ourselves and he walks us through that fire and out of the situation.

The word of God hidden in our hearts also brings peace in the mist of a critical situation, suddenly a specific word of scripture and verse will raise up in our hearts to bring a calmness to us in the middle of that situation, where we know without a doubt that yes, it is going to be okay.

The more we see the word of God, the more we hear the word of God the more we hide the word of God in our hearts, the more we can apply it to any situation. However much light we are able to gather or hide in our heart, the more we have to gaurd our hearts. Living the word of God, following the instruction of God enables us to live that straight and narrow path of life. These now become the issues of life that people will witness in our lives.

When we guard our hearts with the word of God, we are also able to help others when they have questions about the God we serve. People will always ask about God and his word, so we must hide enough of God’s word in our hearts until it becomes real to us, so we have enough of it to share with others, so that we have a testimony of the goodness and mercy of God to tell others about.

Proverbs 4:1–23 talks about following the instruction of God. Guarding that word diligently in our heart, so that the issues of life will not steal the truth of God away from our hearts. Hiding God’s word in our heart, becomes like treasure we keep in a safe place, so that no one, or no situation we change our minds about follow God and the Instructions of God. When we keep God’s word in our heart it gives us the benefit of long life and strength to our bones. The word of God keeps us also from turning to evil.

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