When the World Looked Bleak I Danced

It was the Autumn of 2020 and during the peak of the pandemic. I remember feeling solace in my solitude. Serenity in my sonic sanctuary. The Covid-19 cases were rising again and we all were just…



When trying to decide where to eat, one of the go-to places my friends and I choose is FIVE, a local restaurant and bar. With its reasonable prices, relaxed atmosphere, and great food selection, FIVE is definitely a great spot to eat. On their Facebook page, the restaurant is described as, “Southern pub fare and cocktails offered in a vintage, industrial-chic tavern.”

Although there are only five things in each menu category, I would still say that Five has a variety of options to choose from. They offer fresh fish two nights a week from their seafood market in Destin, FL. Everything they serve is made from scratch and everything they can they buy locally. My personal favorite things on the menu are the cheese burger and panéed chicken. The cheese burger comes with two juicy patties, two slices of gooey, melted cheddar cheese, bacon relish, crispy shoe string French fries, and a side salad. There is also a vegetarian option, but I have never tried it. My favorite way to eat the burger is to drown it in ketchup and put the bacon relish on the side. The thinly pounded pan fried chicken is served on top of a mound of creamy mashed potatoes and then drizzled with a savory caper cream sauce. The cheese burger goes for $14 and the chicken is $18. From the appetizer section, my favorites are the quesadilla and the uptown chicken. the quesadilla varies daily. One day it will be chicken then the next day shrimp and so on. It’s market price so it depends on what you get inside. Uptown chicken is by far my favorite item on the menu. It consists of crispy chicken nuggets covered in a sweet and spicy Asian sauce on top of an Asian slaw. The appetizers are great options if you don’t want something too filling. My favorite thing to do is get an order of Uptown Chicken and a quesadilla as my meal. If you are a fan of avocado, the baked avocado is very popular. It comes topped with bacon, shrimp, and spicy mayo.

uptown chicken

Wednesday through Sunday there is a different special. Wednesday, they have fish tacos with slaw and Spanish rice. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they have fish from the market in Destin. Sunday, they have fried chicken with macaroni and cheese. If you are of age, there is a list of five different cocktails and five red and five white wines to choose from. These specials go for drinks as well. Every day from 4 to 6 pm is happy hour with half price on all the drinks at the bar. Wednesdays is “wine-down” with half off all bottles of wine. “Ladies Nite” is every Thursday with half price beer and wells, five-dollar signature cocktails, and two dollars off any wine by “gloss”. I, of course, cannot participate in these deals yet, but someone that is 21 could have a fun night out with friends on these discounts.

Although there are only five things on the menu, FIVE Bar is always a great spot to eat. It is the perfect place for just a casual night out with friends, or for a special celebration. I do not agree with my younger self that said, “why couldn’t we go somewhere with more than five things on the menu.”

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