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What Title 24 Means for Californians Looking to Build an ADU

Building an ADU in California? How Title 24 impacts you.

There are a lot of questions that Title 24 has created. We will cover these common questions and break down the answers to provide you the information you need to build your ADU successfully. If you’re looking for answers around ADUs and how they will be impacted by Title 24, read on.

The recently passed California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards were designed to promote sustainability. It ensures new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality standards and guidelines. These energy efficiency standards apply to additions, alterations, repairs, and new buildings (including Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs).

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs might be the next investment that you make into your home. An ADU is a dwelling that is either attached or detached from the main house that exists on the same lot. They are also widely known as mother-in-law apartments, granny-flats, cottages.

If you want to avoid solar in your ADU design haven’t gotten a permit yet, you can’t. If the ADU plans were submitted to the permit office in 2019 and your ADU will qualify under the 2019 laws and can avoid Title 24.

Otherwise, there are two exceptions:

Net-zero electricity’s goal is to reduce the use of carbon-based fossil-fuels by offsetting the amount of power we consume with a source that can generate electricity. This means that the total amount of energy that the building consumes on an annual basis must be equal to roughly the same amount of renewable energy that is generated on the site. Thankfully, it isn’t required to be net-zero electricity yet. Instead, the guideline as of 2020 is to add a modest-sized solar array to your new building. Each city can have its own set of instructions. For example, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and Lancaster have standards that are above the state’s requirements.

Electrical Wiring

Most homeowners want to know the minimum number of panels that are required to add for your ADU. The minimum that we have seen installed on an ADU is to have at least eight (8) panels for 1,000 sqft or less.

As early as possible because they will be required when submitting your permit to your local permit office. Title 24 impacts your ADUs permit application. You will also need to include site plans, evaluations, design, and what is known as a Title 24 calculation. Title 24 is a state mandate that impacts your local permit office. It impacts how energy efficient a building must be before a permit for the development is approved.

Because ADUs tend to be small, it’s harder for designers and architects to design to meet Title 24 regulations, and that requirement will now even more challenging starting in 2020. Also, this may add more upfront costs to your ADU project.

Title 24 is a wonderful initiative that shouldn’t hold you back from your ADU project. Now that you have a better understanding of how Title 24 impacts your ADU and the solar requirements, you should know that you need to ensure that your ADU design includes solar in the permit plans.

Homeowners are now adding solar panels to their homes during the construction of an ADU. Not only can it help drive down the cost of electricity, but it can make your ADU more attractive as a rental as well. Both you and your tenant will receive a significant benefit because you can now pass those electricity cost savings to your tenant’s rent.

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