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My name is A. J. Gallant, a fantasy and mystery author. The other morning I came downstairs to discover blood splotches on the floor. I immediately thought that one of my cats (we have two) had been…


Writing Matters with Dr. Troy Hicks ft. Dr. Jamey Heit

Dr. Jamey Heit is a lifelong learner and lover of technology. He believes technology plays an essential role in solving big problems and insists that it is part of a broader solution, rather than a quick fix to a temporary challenge.

He holds a Ph.D. in Literature, Theology and the Arts from Glasgow University and has taught in a variety of Higher Education disciplines. By credit hours, Dr. Heit has over 25 years of teaching experience across disciplines and has graded more than 30,000 papers (yes, he counted!).

During his time in the classroom, Dr. Heit saw limits in his ability to help students consistently improve their writing. So, in 2014 he left academia and founded Ecree, a technology company that specializes in a proprietary, interactive writing tool for students and teachers.

Dr. Heit is on a mission to nurture a generation of better writers and thinkers with widespread access to easy and adaptive writing software. With the Ecree technology, he’s found way to provide consistent, timely, and quality feedback to students to ensure they develop lifelong skills for success.

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