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Evan Mobley Shoes

Whenever we talk about the greatest young prospect on the NBA roster, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is Evan Mobley. Who is he? How did he become so popular at the age of 21? Let’s check it out!

Evan Mobley, the power forward, is a professional basketball player born on 18th June 2001 in America. In his college basketball career, he played for USC Trojans.

Later, he appeared in the 2021 NBA draft and was signed by Cleveland Cavaliers as their 3rd pick. Evan Mobley is surely born under a lucky star, as getting picked by a team like Cleveland at just 20 is a huge achievement.

adidas dame 7

Evan Mobley signed a deal with Adidas before appearing in the NBA draft in 2021. His 1st signature shoe is an Adidas Dame 7 that he was seen wearing in most of the matches of 1st season. This shoe is ideal for Evan Mobley due to numerous reasons.

Firstly, it provided quickness in his game. Traits have been set in these sneakers to use wings and guards fully. It is an ideal shoe with good enough balance and base that makes it perfect for someone Like 7 ft tall Evan Mobley.

The secret behind Adidas Dame 7 shoe is the light strike cushioning inbuilt feature. It made it more efficient for Mobley while doing long jumps and quick-cut plays. This versatile shoe helped Mobley to enhance his performance.

This shoe is good in spring and jumping and can provide greater balance while dunking. At the same time, the internal heel and upper multi-material remain the best features of this shoe by far.

nike zoom freak 2

The Nike Zoom Freak 2 was another shoe Evan Mobley wore in a few of the matches of his rookie season. It provided Mobley with better responsiveness. Nike Zoom freak 2 was originally released in 2020, and some big basketball players like Giannis wore this.

The sneakers contain Zoom Air technology for lightweight shoes. It increased stability in Mobley’s game thanks to web lacing on the forefoot. It also made Mobley drive his power in the court while wearing these Zoom Freak 2 shoes.

The best feature that makes this shoe better than the others is molded overlay inbuilt on the outer front toe area of the shoe. Nike Zoom Freak 2 will remain the perfect shoe for guards like Mobley, who love the feeling of court over impact protection.

Evan Mobley got all the courage, strength, and motivation to play basketball from his father, Eric. He started playing basketball early under his father’s coaching and guidance. Mobley studied at Rancho Christian School, where his high school basketball career began.

As a freshman, Mobley scored an average of 19.2 points, 4.7 blocks, and 10 assists per game. He was also rewarded with Gatorade player of the year in California. His stats in the senior year were worth the praise too.

Evan averaged 20 points, 5.2 blocks, and 12 assists in his senior high school year. Mobley that season was again rewarded with Gatorade player of the year for the 2nd consecutive time.

Mobley’s college career started with USC, where he scored 9 rebounds and 21 points, leading their team to victory against California. His best performances came in the Pac-12 tournament, where he performed exceptionally in the knockout stages.

In Quarterfinals, Mobley scored 26 points and 9 rebounds against UTAH. In Semi-Finals, Mobley scored 26 points again, with 5 blocks and 9 rebounds. Unfortunately, they lost in the semi-finals, but still, Mobley was rewarded with a Pac-12 player of the year and a Freshman of the year award.

After realizing that Mobley is 100% ready to compete at the highest stage, he appeared himself for the NBA draft 2021. That day he said goodbye to his remaining college career. People talked about Mobley as one of the greatest young prospects in the draft alongside Cade Cunningham.

Evan Mobley is one of the main reasons Cleveland Cavs are performing exceptionally lately. Cavs took no time signing the potential Rookie of the year favorite as their third pick. Mobley played his first match for Cavs against Houston Rockets in the NBA summer league.

He recorded 12 points, 3 blocks, and 5 rebounds in that game. Mobley had a decent debut performance in the NBA season against Memphis Grizzlies. In that game, he posted 17 points, 6 assists, and 9 rebounds. Though unfortunately, they lost that day.

Evan Mobley played 34 minutes per game in his 69 appearances. In these matches, he posted an average of 15 points, 1.7 blocks, 2.5 assists, and 8 rebounds per game.

These performances were good enough to be selected for Rookie of the year finalist of the NBA 2021 season. He was on top of the rookies’ statistical chart in both total blocks and total rebounds category. He had 5th highest points per game in his competition with rookies.

It won’t be a shame to call him the 2nd best Rookie of the year, just a little behind Scottie Barnes, per the stats and figures. Evan Mobley had a perfect season for USC in his college, and he was exactly up to his level in his debut season with Cavs.

Mobley is a versatile and multitalented player who helps his team offensively and defensively. He is a full package who can defend the rim well and has a good jump shot technique.

The turnaround of Cleveland, which used to remain at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, was incredible. They picked Mobley as their third pick, sacrificing their best player, Collin Sexton.

Mobley was later injured right after the season began. No one ever expected Cavs to win 44 games, and most of the credit goes to Mobley for his incredible performances.

The coach relied on Mobley throughout the season on both ends, especially when he was scoring well. His offensive performances later in the season were much needed due to Jarrett Allen’s injury.

This 7-footer champ who just played 1 season in his college career was a fresh prospect this season. He lost 15 points to Scottie Barnes in Rookie of the year voting. This season was just a trailer shown by Even Mobley of his potential.

Mobley was part of the United States international team in the 2018 FIBA Under 17 World Cup. He posted an average of 9.3 points, 2.6 assists, and 5.5 rebounds in 7 appearances.

His amazing performances helped his team win the gold medal. Mobley was also selected in the 2019 FIBA under 19 world cups but was unfortunate as he couldn’t play much due to a back injury.

Evan Mobley played his debut season for Cleveland Cavaliers as a rookie. In the 69 appearances, he posted an average of 15 points, 2.5 assists, and 8.3 rebounds.

Mobley got all the courage and motivation to play basketball from his father. His father, Eric, is a former basketball player and played for Cal Poly Pomona during his college career.

Eric has also played in different countries professionally, including Portugal, China, and Mexico. He later coached for USC. Mobley’s elder brother Isaiah recently appeared in the 2022 NBA draft and was also signed by Cleveland Cavs.

Evan Mobley is 7 feet tall with a huge wingspan, ideal for a good basketball player. He also has 9 feet standing range feature in him. He has exceptional movement skills, thanks to his huge wings. His dribble, pass, and shooting technique is incredible for any player who just turned 21.

He moves more freely and smoothly than any other player his age and size. His maximum height and fluid movement are the greatest weapons anyone can have. The way Evan Mobley defends his wingspan open makes it look normal.

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