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8 Successful People Who Started Profitable Businesses in Their Old Age

Success stories of people with dedication and hard work

We all know many entrepreneurs who started their businesses at a very young age. But there are also some businessmen who started successful businesses in their old age.

They had dedication and love towards their work and tried hard to make a successful business. They didn’t think about their age but worked hard and achieved their goals.

But starting a successful business isn’t that easy. They have been through many hard times to achieve such success. Let’s talk about their success stories to know about their hard times and success.

Harland David Sanders better known as Col. Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) from scratch at the age of 62. It was not easy for him to start a really successful business. Many problems came in his way but he converted them into success with his dedication.

He worked in many places and failed everywhere but he didn’t lose hope and kept working hard. He worked hard and made KFC a well-known food brand in the world.

Now, KFC is a multi-billion dollars company. According to Google, their annual revenue in 2020 was US$27.9 Billion. They have more than 25,000 branches in almost 145 countries around the world.

Henri Nestle was 52 years old when he started the company, Nestle. He started developing power milk for babies. And after some time Nestle merged with a swiss competitor company and branched into many new chains of consumer food. And became a leading brand in food and beverages.

Nestle makes almost everything related to food and beverages like baby food, cereals, coffee, dairy products, chocolates, chilled and frozen food, bottled water and drinks, etc.

The list doesn’t end here, they produce every product in the food industry, which makes it a multi-billion dollars company. According to Google, their annual revenue in 2020 was 41.8 Billion CHF (Swiss Franc) and by converting it into US dollars it becomes US$45.4 Billion.

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