Everyone Is Compensating

An article has been making the rounds. Ethan Bernstein and a Harvard study have revealed that open-concept offices are encouraging people to text and email more. Shocking! Well not really… but…


What defines You?

— it’s not what you think!

Let’s face it… At times, it feels like what this Life’s all about , right?

It happens when you are overwhelmed by misery


When success feels like empty and you feel unfulfilled, searching for inspiration to find its true meaning.

When things come to such a pass, you may feel like questioning what you really are!

After all, you think, feel and act upon / react to circumstances as they happen to you.

Well then, should you really bother about what defines you?

Of course, it matters! A lot, in fact!!

Here’s why!!!

If you’re just a product of your thoughts, emotions and actions, then every outcome you achieve should just be a foregone conclusion that can be taken for granted.

Instead, it more often than not appears to hinge upon the element of chance that’s invariably beyond your control.

Rather, your choices, deliberate or otherwise, may just set the tone and tenor of consequences that follow suit.

And the uncanny aspect of life shaping its course seems to depend on your offbeat choices, those which defy your conditioning or preconceived notions about how things should actually materialise!

Its this bouquet of surprises that life brings you when you deliberately choose to defy your conditioning define the truly Limitless consciousness that you actually are!

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