SSH key rotation

In some circles ssh key rotation is terrifying and considered a massive headache. In security circles the lack of key rotation is a ripe target to compromise and hack ALL the things. How do we solve…


A Complaint is a Gift

Moving Customer Complaints from Frustration to Satisfaction

2/3 of people have a product or a service failure across their lifetime. Most customers who have had a negative experience do not tell the company directly. They either internalize it, affecting their decision to do more business with the brand, or they broadcast it to their friends across social media channels. You don’t just want to resolve a complaint. You want to find out the reasons behind the complaint and operationalize around it, so it does not happen again.

58% of customers feel they were dissatisfied with how their complaint was handled. It’s not just about fixing the problem. It is how you fixed the problem. You have to create that feeling of engagement and connection that nurtures customer loyalty.

65% of customers who are complaining left filled with rage. When customers have feelings of rage, they often express it by yelling, swearing, or saying, “I’m never going to come back to you again.”

47% of customers with a negative experience with a company post reviews online. Negative reviews, posted out of anger, is a customer seeking revenge. They don’t always post it on review sites. Most of the time, they post it on social media sites.

“Handling a customer’s emotional satisfaction is as important as resolving the complaint. You can handle the customer’s problem, but if they feel that they were treated poorly in the process, they still walk away feeling dissatisfied.”

“Engage with the customers in such a way that they don’t only have their complaints resolved, but they walk away feeling connected to you because you took care of them.”

“When you have the mindset that a complaint, or any kind of feedback, is a gift, you let go of the feelings of hostility and move into a space where customers feel more connected.”

“What customers really want is to be heard. When customers know they are being listened to, they will feel more satisfied and move from frustration to satisfaction.”

This episode of Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken answers the following questions and more:

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