CAPTIONS IN MY LANGUAGE. Messi or Ronaldo? I have heard this question a number of times in my life and there is only one answer from my side…Both. I consider both….


Known Strangers

I believe each one moving to a new location, might be workplace, could be new school. It is never simple however excited you might be, there will always be new face you need to start over again with or even worse prove that you meet their expectations.

It is a new environment for me new people and a lot of mind to learn and get to know. but its very challenging when in that short period you assigned a group and you have to learn to deal, work and sometimes live with the known strangers. My group is made of six people with an LFA, Learning facilitator who we all have to consult and report to on a daily basis.

Two ladies, and four bulls..hehehe grown boys. But the two that caught my eye are Sharifah and Michael, This humble, silent muslim young lady Oozing out of confidence and some interesting explanations leaves me interested hearing more ideas coming out of her. confident with her Computer code.

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