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Take The Time To Stretch and Free Your Mind

Do you ever have those days where you feel pulled in a million directions. The phone is ringing, the texts are nonstop and the news is not getting any better. What is the world coming to? Yes, I hear myself sounding like my Mother. She used to yell at the news whether on the radio or tv and vent her frustration with everything going wrong in life.

I think we all have those days, some more than others. I know I will feel like I am Hercules holding the world on my shoulders. Of course that is a silly thought, but it sure is quite a visual and such an overwhelming thought. It can almost seem paralyzing when you have so many tasks to do and people to please and jobs to do. I can feel the weight bearing down on my shoulders and it’s horrible.

At times it feels like panic is about to attack and that is not a pleasant feeling. I often feel like Steven Martin in “Father Of The Bride” with his adreanaline rushed response to everything in his life had him freaking out with crazy situationas life threw his way. In the film, he called his reactions “passionate” and that sure is one way of describing these anxious moments.

My acupuncurist recommended I get up from my desk and work and stretch. She urged me to give my eyes a rest and stretch out my body and release all the stress.

Guess what? I started doing this every few hours and giving myself time and permission (often we don’t even allow ourselves to take that much needed break) to get up and reach as high to the sky as I can. It’s amazing how good that feels.

In the past, I would sit hunched over my computer for hours and never do this. Now, I do this many times a day and it’s made such a difference mentally and physically.

It may seem trivial and yet giving yourself a much needed break several times a day is essential. I feel it’s like taking a drink of water and hydrating your body. To me, stretching is a much needed rejuvenation.

I urge you to take time to stretch and stretch out your body with a big long stretch. As you are doing that, don’t you feel a sense of relief and relaxation? I know that can be difficult to do. While you are stretching, take time to stretch your mind and soul with releasing all the fears and inhibitions you have.

Allow yourself to feel relief and rejuvenation to start anew with fresh thoughts and renewed hope. Take a breath and begin again.

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