Hardware is Hard

Toward the end of my freshman year of college, I was faced with the difficult choice all students face — I had to choose my major. My guiding light was that I knew that I wanted to work in robotics…


Alice Through the Technological Looking Glass

As scientists developed an increasing amount of technology. But Alices misses some of the old Fashion ways, which seemed more practical.

One gloomy morning Alice sat in her room feeling bored. She could not think of anything to do. But then, she remembered another day that started similarly. She glanced at her mirror in the corner of her room and felt pulled to go there.

Alice peeked in the mirror and saw the light with many things going on at the other end of what seemed like a tunnel. Suddenly she slipped through the mirror to seem like another world. Incredible, beautiful, and scary land. She started missing some of the characters she met that day.

This day she felt similar and again slipped into the mirror, rolled through the tunnel, and was greeted by those familiar faces. They could not wait to tell Alice wh what had happened. The white rabbit spoke first. He said of boxes like telephones, and you could talk to anyone wherever you were. The little box could give directions and help you find your way.

Quickly the white rabbit noticed he was late to get to the queen's chess board. The white Rabbits little box rang. The mad hatter warned him that he would be late and the queen would be furious. Everyone left scattered away, talking at their chests. Alice was frightened. She knew she would be late and needed to remember how to get to the queen's castle. she wished she had one of those talking boxes. She remembered the last time she had been to this magical place. She knew if she could find a payphone, she could call the mad hatter, and she would tell her what to do.

Alice looked round and round and could not see anyone or a pay phone. Finally, she ran into the Cheshire cat. He told her there were no more payphones. Now everyone had these little boxes that could get you where to go. Alice put the phone to her ear. Something would result in anticipation to find out where the queen's chest board was located so she would arrive on time. Instead, she heard the following message.'

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