10 Little Behaviors that Attract People to You

I always wanted to make a good impression, so I learned a ton from my mistakes and did everything possible to improve my relationships. There’s no mystery here. For attraction to flourish, we can’t…


Why I Write These Silly Little Things And Put Them Out There.

I worry about being seperate from others.

Writing about my thoughts and thinking deeply about things is my way toward reaching an awarness and understanding and some form of personal growth.

I try not to care what people think about me as a person, to an extent that is, I also try not to be a robot. I really want an outlet, a release for all these thoughts.

What I really need is to go to therapy and too get some more sleep, I have yet to find the sleep or the therapist, but this is serving as my own form of therapy at the moment.

The form I chose is that of of vulnerability, honestly, it’s the best idea that I could come up with.

I’m not a person who aspires to be a great author, I don’t seek recognition, I don’t want to be famous, they would carry their perks of course.

For me the perk would mean finding my place in this world more than anything else, and possibly some extra cash, but that’s having hope just in case.

Lacking a lot of thoese qualities makes life difficult sometimes but I’m working on it, so, silver linings I guess. I tend to come off as aggressive, deffensive, and kind of a know it all (I lack impulse control, ADHD can be a bitch.)

I can’t possibly reach the point where I want to be without considering others thoughts about me, vulnerability plays a huge role in this equation. I attempt to make myself vulnerable as much as possible, within reason of course.

Having to look at ones self and accepting who you are is how we reach these points of understanding. I do this through writing,

My mind always races and the topics it races about aren’t usually the conversations that put people at ease.

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