9 Ideas to Freelance Online that You Might Not Have Thought Of for 2019

Selling services online is what freelancing, or Micro Job is all about. Here we collect some creative virtual services to provide you fresh ideas that you may not have considered before. Very often…


Week Two Art Journal Challenge Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

Although very interesting, they seem like too much work for me.

When my little pen landed on “bullet journal” I pondered what to create for one week.

Week Two Art Journal Bullet Journal

Since I have been reading much more this year, I decided to go with “Books to Read” on the right. I listed my all time favorite books on the left.

That still left the lower left quadrant. What to list?

Since I am a podcast junkie, I decided to list my favorite podcasts in January, then revisit my page in December and list my favorites, to see if there is any overlap. Sometimes my podcast attention span changes rapidly, so it will be fun to see what topics I have migrated to eleven months later.

Podcast Bullet Journal Page

On to Week Three!

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