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Success seems so easy to talk about but so demanding in real world of life. I have come to realize that with success one determines to walk the hardest routes, take in criticisms, cover up for the impossibilities, acquire new knowledge and meeting different people at various levels.

Along the journey of success, a person drops some things not because they are not crucial but due to prioritization. Thus focusing on those with a strong stand in achieving the desired vision of life. Challenges will never miss out in this journey.

Success is good and everyone would wish to be successful at various levels of life. However, it is only those who persist, determine, sacrifice, focus and plan that can really achieve it. At times you cry off, struggle, let go what you missed out achieving but then having a strong stand to seek out what can work our and achieve your best.

Recently, I was so overwhelmed that I questioned my success level. I always seek out to have a positive mind set despite of the negativity around life. It is at this point that I determine to focus on what I want, put in my efforts and improvise initiatives to achieve my goals.

As quoted by Asad Meah, It is never too late to start a new journey of success, the choice is yours how you want to live your life.


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