Why I Write These Silly Little Things And Put Them Out There.

Writing about my thoughts and thinking deeply about things is my way toward reaching an awarness and understanding and some form of personal growth. I try not to care what people think about me as a…


10 Little Behaviors that Attract People to You

I studied ways to be less awkward, and learned some interesting things that improve my relationships

I’ve spent most of my life awkward and in my head.

I always wanted to make a good impression, so I learned a ton from my mistakes and did everything possible to improve my relationships.

Here are some curious things I learned:

It’s easy to fall into the habit of self-directed concern when in social situations.

‘How am I coming across?’

‘Do I look stupid?’


Choose to enjoy your interaction and allow your calm aura to relax those around you.

Much of our sense of confidence is developed in moments when we needn’t perform.

We create an identity when we do things that make us feel bad about ourselves.

A poor self-image will flood into all areas of life.

Live well and with pride, and you will exude an attractive energy.

Most people are not present in conversations.

They’re too busy thinking about the next witty thing to say.

This is why you set yourself apart by listening.

I mean actually listening.

Why? Because a vast amount of communication is non-verbal.

You’ll surprise people by how well you read them when you truly listen.

What happens when you’re hell-bent on telling everyone about every dirty aspect of your life?

People know exactly who you are.

There’s no mystery here. For attraction to flourish, we can’t know everything about you. Be mysterious.

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