He Would Find His Tribe

When my 14-year-old son started high school this year, he was nervous. He only knew a handful of kids and had no idea what to expect. I told him to be himself and he would find his tribe. Then he…


How To Think Big

I’d heard it a thousand times.

It takes as much effort to think big as it does to think small. It takes as much effort to make a $1,000,000 as it does $10,000.

I heard it and it made sense. After all, a billionaire has the same 24 hour day as I do. The only difference is what they think about, and what action they take every day.

Makes sense.

Then everything goes a little crazy.

Because I just have to pay this bill on time. I just need the MONEY! I just need one more client to have enough in my bank account. I have to get a raise in order to meet my monthly obligations.

Then I’ll be set. Then I can think BIG. Then I can move forward in a BIG way.

Guess what? It never happens.


Little changes rarely make a big difference. If you gain a client that helps you pay the bill, chances are you’ll lose a client before the next bill cycle. Or you’ll make another charge to your credit card and your payment will go up. Or you’ll go out to dinner and spend the amount you needed to pay the next bill.

Little changes have little impact on changing our lifestyle because they do nothing to change our mindset. And if you can’t see what tasks it takes to boost yourself up to the next level, it will never happen.

I remember the day I moved to another job with more status and a big pay raise. I did what any person would do to celebrate a promotion … I went and bought a new car. Yep, the pay raise was quickly consumed by moving from a place where I didn’t have a car payment (it was paid off) to a brand new five year car loan. And the pay raise was gone right before my eyes.

Did I need a new car? Nope, the old one worked just fine. But the new one was more stylish, higher class. I deserved it for all of my hard work.

Yet the new car didn’t get me any closer to my goals; it simply gave me a new commitment that I had to work for. For five years!

Rather than consuming every dollar you make, what if you had extra every month that could sit and wait and help you decide what to do next. Would a small accumulation help you take the trip of your dreams? Would a small savings allow you to quit and start your own business? Would several years of savings give you all you need to move to a new location and do what you love instead of what pays the bills?

If you’re always busy, it’s hard to think about what you really want to do. If you always have obligations, it gives you little chance to experiment and try new things. Yet the more breathing room you give yourself, the more your mind expands and opens up your world to possibilities. The more you can breathe, the better you can see.

What are you doing to change your lifestyle … and think BIG today?

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