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Best VSCode Extensions for beginners 2022

We can say that Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is the most popular open source code editor. It’s owned by Microsoft and it works amazingly. VSCode aims to provide a productive environment that brings speed, customization and productivity to your everyday coding.

When we talk about customization, we are not just referring to the beauty and colors we can apply but the famous extensions that give the editor super powers and it’s one of the many reasons why this editor is the most popular and used world wide. So I listed some extensions that might be useful in a developer’s daily life.

With this extension you will be able to rename the paired HTML tag just writing in one of them. It’s really simple to use and powerful.

This tool is non-negotiable, it will catch some 'stupid' errors that you might make. Who has never forgotten to close HTML tag or forgot to rename the close tag?

You can install it in your VSCode.

Who doesn’t like a tool that kills two birds with one stone? and the birds in this case are running a bunch of programing files with just one VSCode extension and having snippets for those languages.

For those who don't know, snippets are shortcuts you can use during your daily coding. For example when you're coding an HTML and need to write the entire code base you can start typing html and select the snippet you want.

As ReactJS developer I use it every day.

Okay! So if you are a web developer and don't know this extension your mind will be blown. (But of course you know that)

Seeking to make it simpler to run an HTML page on its famous localhost this tool has hit home. You can just right click on your code file and run the live server and better, your changes are automatically updated on the page.

I don't have much more to talk about it, you need to try right now.

Imagine you have a lot of tools installed in your VSCode and you use more than one computer to write your codes but when you install an extension in one of the environments the other one becomes outdated.

This tool uses your Github account to store all your VSCode settings and every time you make a change you may upload and download them.

It Syncs


This one is more of a personal preference than for beginners itself.

I don't like the Visual Studio Code default icons and this extension will change all of them.

It changes even the folders depending on the name you give to it. You can edit those icons too.

Well, at least you might know in which commit you made that change.

This tool helps you to visualize code authorship at a glance via Gib blame annotations. So if you are working with a big team you probably would like to know who, why, and when a line or code block has been changed.

But this is the basics, you can get the real power of git changes in your project.

Created by Luan Roberto Estrada Martins and Reviewed by Bruna Cardoso

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