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I Once was Payed for Love and I Liked It

Clear agreements helped me open up more.

Yes, I have let myself be paid for love.

If you are shocked now, just stop reading.

I was visiting a friend’s establishment. She is a dominatrix and I like her.

It’s a small plush bar with a few “experience rooms”.

You can just have a drink there. There are “friends of the house” who sit around and can be booked by submissive men.

There are some porn movies with dominatrixes running all the time.

A glass of champagne costs 27 euros.

Now and then there is a knock on the door. Then a little window is opened. It can be a guest, a group of tourists who are led by transvestites through the “creepy” sado-maso rooms and then drink something here.

And it is individual people who are flushed in here by chance.

So I was just lounging around at the bar. The ambiance inspires me, except for the fact that smoking is allowed.

There’s a knock at the door. The hostess opens. It’s a chubby visitor who seems to have lost his way. He is looking for something “normal”. The hostess explains to him that there is no such thing here.

He sits down at the bar and I talk to him. The hostess keeps making attempts to get guests to order me champagne for 27 euros. I growl. I hate that.

I always like to listen to what drives men here.

They are often lawyers.

This one isn’t.

He’s a working man.

I ask him why he doesn’t walk a few corners. There are girls there.

He asks: Don’t you want to?

I say: You must be out of your mind.

I’ve been chaste for quite a long time.

He keeps at it. He likes me, I can tell.

And then I say yes.

We make out for 30 minutes. He doesn’t have much money. I don’t care.

For a long time, I rejected anyone who approached me because it wasn’t coherent.

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