Is there a way of knowing which stores use which credit bureau?

I am interested in getting some type of store card (example: walmart, old navy, target, best buy and others) Are there certain stores that get your credit report from one bureau or another? The…


How I got a great animated gif for My YouTube Channel.

Hey so I am a YouTuber and I was in a hunt for a animated Gif for my intro. I had heard that fiverr is a great place to get gig and so my hunt began. I searched a lot and I am a low-budget youtuber so it was hard after a while of hunting I got to a gig which was only 10$ and I ordered it .

AND guess what happened ,I received it in 4 days and the result was excellent.

if you have anything like this or want to make any type of GIF i think you should buy it from this person.

Try him out he is great .

WE NEED to support hardworking people like this

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