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Your House Wears a Newfound Look by a Good Painting Company

We still have some of our close as well as distant relatives in Ireland. My descendants definitely have their roots from this once county of the Great Britain and now an independent island. My grandpa decided to immigrate to America in search for better life. So, he sailed to America some five decades back. Our paint company that granddad once established still works well. There are good number of people who had been served by us in past fifty years.

If you say we are one of the oldest painting companies in Lithonia GA, then this will not be incorrect. Time passes on, season’s changes and age stages go coming new to new. Similarly, I and my brother Ross who deals in the paint business and have good experience in painting buildings and house, dad asked us if there are any girls you want to marry so that we could formally talk to their parents. I got surprised that what topic dad has started in all of sudden. Ross turning his head looked towards me.

Meanwhile, grandpa chimed in and he said winking eye, say it boys- you are young alive and have hearts and successful business in painting and foods. When I married your grandma, she was quite tender and young but I was a little ripe. She insisted me to get rid of that village life and go to a place of dream where we could start our life anew. So, accompanied by her; I came to this new world. Which gave me success in my painting shops that eventually progressed into a company. Granddad also added that how earlier he was one of a few house painters in Lithonia GA. I would earn hardly $50 a day and by saving money, I could be able to stand my business.

We as such had no affair in term of love and marriage. Dad was pleased to know this. He told us that last years I visited Ireland and I saw two girls of my cousin. I you say, I may talk to them? We asked, if we could see the girls first. Dad showed their photos in his phone. The lasses were blonde haired brunette representing true beauty of Ireland. We said, yes. And Dad said, then start painting the house because after Christmas we have to go Ireland to get the girls wedded out. This way, an inception of new house started away.

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