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How To Increase Connect Rates During Summer

How To Increase Connect Rates During Summer

It may not be readily apparent, but they contain a wealth of information that you can actually use. Let’s take a look at an example:

Out Of Office Sample Email - Color

This is a pretty standard OOO reply that many organizations mass delete. But let’s take a closer look and see what your lead, Mark is really telling you:

This information is pure gold. And I’m going to tell you not one, but three ways to leverage it.

From a database maintenance standpoint, what do you see here? Well, if you acquired Mark’s name and email from an inbound marketing campaign, you now have his cell phone number and title that can be used to enrich his record in your CRM. Fleshing out a contact’s record with as much information as possible helps you to create more personalized, strategic content later.

Additionally, you have just validated Mark’s email address. Because you received an OOO and not a bounce or Left-The-Company reply, you know that Mark is still a good contact at your account.

This is where things get really interesting. First, let’s go back to Mark’s title and cell number. You can now segment Mark based on his title, Digital Marketing Manager. When you segment your lists based on persona, you can personalize your content and messaging to make it more valuable and relevant to recipients. If you were previously sending Mark your general email campaigns, you can now switch him to your lists for managers. For example, if you weren’t getting Mark’s attention before, he may perk up when he starts getting tips for improving employee productivity.

With Mark’s cell phone number, Sales now has a direct and more personal channel for reaching out. While email is still the most popular channel for B2B communication, as Mark moves through the nurturing process, the time will come when outreach by phone makes sense and Sales will already have the information they need.

And finally we get to the really good stuff. How you can actually use summer vacations and travel to INCREASE connect rates! Look at that very first line in Mark’s OOO. He’s telling you exactly when he’s going to be back in the office! Use this information to:

Better yet…

If Out-Of-Office replies result in all of this fantastic intelligence plus help you increase connect rates, what’s the key to skyrocketing your connect rates over the summer? That’s right: keep your campaigns flowing as they do during the rest of the year.

The average email campaign has a reply rate of around 2.5% (based on real LeadGnome customer data) — but this rate will be even higher in the summer and on holidays. Common sense tells us that more sends equates to more replies. However, many companies actually reduce their email cadence in the summer because they know so many people are out of the office. While I’d never tell you to spam your database just to get more replies, reducing your email is a mistake!

Don’t stop — and don’t spam — just keep your sends status quo (maybe add an extra campaign on holidays wishing everyone a safe and happy day), then pay attention to Out-Of-Office replies, leverage the intelligence mined from them, and watch your connect rates soar!

Take a look at the most popular reply emails we mine and the quality sales intelligence we uncover by downloading our free eBook, Transformative B2B Demand Generation:

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