The Roche Limit

The Roche limit is what I like to think of as a death threat to celestial objects. You’ll see why at the end of the article. The Roche Limit was first conceptualised by the French astronomer Édouard…


Of expectation and disappointment..

Too many things have been written and spoken about how expecting and wanting something from another person might lead to getting heart broken and disappointed.

So don’t expect anything, they tell you.

But this is a very misleading advice, I shudder to say.

I mean, we’re human beings and we’re biologically wired to ‘expect’ and ‘want’ for heaven’s sake! At the very base level, we’re hungry — for appreciation, for attention, for love. We seek validation at many different junctures.

Why then are we being asked not to want these things in order to be happy? Is it indeed good to live this way? Or is it a defence mechanism at the very worst? Needless to say, it makes you settle. And settling for anything less than what makes your heart leap is not good for you, not at all!

Convey what you want, at the beginning of your relationship. Or if not, later on because better late than never! A lot of people deem it ‘unromantic’ to tell your partner what you want. It should come naturally (which is another word that is used too loosely of late, but more on that later) they say. But darling, just like you, they come with their own set of flaws and unless you tell them what you want, they won’t know and you’ll suffer silently. Talk, speak up, convey, have healthy conversations and live life to the fullest.

This isn’t just limited to personal life, clear communication is vital in your professional life as well!

Much love,

- Chai

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