Bibit Kelapa Hibrida Pohon Siap Tanam Cepat Berbuah Super Buah Kendal Terunggul

bibit kelapa hibrida pohon siap tanam cepat berbuah super buah ….Halloooo…!Bibit kelapa hibrida. Kelapa Hibrida Semakin di Lirik dan di Minati Pekebun Siapa yang tak kenal dengan buah kelapa?? kelapa…


Prevention of application rejections in Google Play

Prevention of application rejections in Google Play

We talk about the most frequent cases of rejections in GP. Follow these rules to avoid trouble

- Rejected for listing keywords: in other words, for Keyword Spam. Awarded for listing a large number of keywords separated by commas in app descriptions.

- Rejected for using short lists: Given for listing keywords or phrases in a list format. To avoid rejection, we recommend turning lists of 2–3 words into full sentences. In this case, the new Google policy will not be violated.

- Rejection for using repeated keywords: Often comes after checking metadata with automatic translation from other languages ​​to English. In this case, you should write to support that there is nothing like this in the metadata and the rejection will be removed.

For example, a rejection for Magic Magic in the title, when in the original Russian the phrase sounds like Magic and Magic.

- Rejected for comparing apps with other brands: Received for using phrases such as #1, #1, “the best” and so on. They should be avoided in descriptions.

- Rejection for overly explicit creatives: One of the most common types of rejection for gaming applications. It is important to ensure that the clothes of the heroes are not too revealing and do not expose parts of the body. Under the rule fall: deep neckline, tight-fitting clothes, short shorts, bare chest — even men’s.

- Rejection for art screenshots: Most often it concerns game applications and is given for the inconsistency of screenshots with the actual gameplay of the game.
Important: If your application has one or more of the violations listed above, but did not receive a reject for them, then this does not exclude the possibility of receiving a reject in the future, since violations can be noticed during repeated reviews.

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