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Here is the question: Have you ever wondered how some slang was born? Really, I have been wondering about this. On a sunny day, a funky group of skaters all of a sudden start to call someone “nail.”…


Fixing Stuff Around You

Most of us are reluctant in quick fixings, especially men, but with this story of mine I would like encourage you all to recreate the same sitting environment after you are out of that by completing your work.

My sitting Environment

Above is the environment I use to sit in to do my work. As soon as I complete my work I try my best to recreate it in the same way as much as possible.

Work about to be completed

Above is the situation of my environment as I am about to leave that but I usually spend a minute or so to fix all things again and then leave it so that when I need to sit again it will be cleaned and my time shall not be wasted.

Environment Recreated

Now, I would like to encourage you all to fix things around you immediately to have a good and disciplined life. It is not necessary that to fix things is elder’s or maid’s duty, it is our responsibility to affix all the things damaged by us.

Basically in my working environment everything was so messed up that one may not find it comfortable to sit in that environment.

I tried to recreate my environment as it was before I sit over there so that it becomes appealing and comfortable for everyone to sit over there. I placed everything over its specific place and removed the extra items I had over it.

I really feel happy to do this every time and especially in the morning as soon as I wake up in the morning. I would have done the same task irrespective of the project work.

I hope this story inspires you for a moment. Tell me in the comments below.

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