Appdupe review

This is my success story with Appdupe. Now I am an entrepreneur and the owner of a popular matchmaking app. Earlier, I had a dream of starting an online dating business. After being jobless for a…


Working from home during the Coronavirus lockdown

As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread, more and more companies order their staff to work from home for the foreseeable future.

I’ve been working from home either full-time or 2–3 times a week at various intervals and for various lengths of time between 2009 and now. So for me, it’s nothing new. My home office is already setup and my routine has been refined over the years.

But for many people, this is the first time they will work from home for a longer period of time. So here are my 10 tips for the WFH newbies, to make this time not only bearable, but enjoyable.

Most importantly, try to stay healthy and safe and try to enjoy the experience of not having to commute for a few weeks. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

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