Alien Angel Hair Falls From The Sky In Oloron France

There have been many reports of falls of angel hair around the world. The most reported incidence occurred in Oloron, France, in 1952. Many witnesses reported seeing over 30 red, spherical UFOs…


Refining the Idea

As tech geeks and entrepreneurs, we always think about new, fresh ideas. Ideas that can change the world, ideas that solve problems that matter, ideas that will get you to financial freedom. This article will help you to get those ideas into life. I have listed step by step guidance on how to get your idea into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) using a lean startup approach. Let’s get started!

Once you have an idea that can change the world for good, the first thing to do is breaking it down to a clear problem and the customer base that is facing this problem. Write down the problem statement clearly and list out the customer segments. It is better to be specific with the customer segment since the goal is to find a niche market to focus in the early stages of the startup.

Now you have a clear business model. Awesome! It is all about research now, research to find out the problem you are going to solve is actually worth solving. The best way to do this is by conducting qualitative interviews on your problem. These are called “Problem Interviews.” The goal of a problem interview is to find out the worldview of your potential customers and how much of a pain this problem is for them. These interviews start with an introduction to the idea and stating the problem in hand to the…

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